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Jokers evolving Rally Avenger

Started by JoKer, January 14, 2011, 08:23:51 PM


Pre History on this car via

Quote from: NZ Rallying History facebook page Trevor Weir

Built by Miles Fowler in Wellington, updated from standard GL body shell to Series 7 Chrysler just before I bought it in the mid 1980's. Used in many club level events then sold to Andrew Elder in the Hawkes Bay. Rolled at Salisbury Rd hillclimb and reshelled into a GLS shell. Andrew sold it back to Peter Weir as his first rally car. This has done soooooo many events and is a bit like Grandad's axe !!

Please Discuss here : Jokers evolving 1978 Avenger Discussion

Start way back when I was 17 in '97

bought it off a 'mate' for $1k standard 1300

poo brown with Black vinyl roof

Hunt for more powah = 1600

then TC

last WOF/rego 98/99'ish

couple of radiators

blew 2x spider gears thrashin tits off it - sick of that = welded up for fun

Rolled in an Auto-X 2007

Walk around vid :

Salvaging EVERYTHING but bare shell pics :

last flight vid : (nearly cried NEARLY!)

re-birthed ex T-weir shell with cage (he has more history of it that I have forgot)

Pics assembling :

Ruanui Rd 1st outing - Bent drivers side front :

Otaria Road in car Vid :

Pics - bent Pasengers side front :


tried some Italian Solexes which gave grief

s***ty running vid :

return to Strombergs = 35kw yeti's Dyno 2010

vid :

Pics :

custom made CNC ACM panel adapters to fit Ramflo's I bought for the solex's (to be reinstalled when I have time/money to pay for a tune)


EDIT : (pix and vid's as I find them on my pc's)

Discussion : I'm happy for discussion in this thread :p

My wood/work shop

Spares down at Wilf's

have since found at least 2 more to scrounge from

edit : too lazy to re-word/write



sooo managed to complete Whariti Hillclimb weekend 12/13 mar

never completed a run Sat - not even the Recce - ALWAYS CHECK YOUR NUTS

wobble wobble nice newly slotted rim grrr

1st run oops

2nd run Co-driver "Jared there's smoke"

Basically we turned around and ran 1st with very little time to cool down - water temp off the gauge after 1km loose rad pressure - fuel line next to 'zaust melts a hole and sprays flammable stuff towards firewall/ignites oil breather and lines on top of the motor - nothing substantial lost except my COOL Talbot sticker :/

drove it back down :P

/end Sat (Skip 3rd final run for the day)

Sun - car relictant to start - I give up, mates roll it off and tow- start it

suffer major heating issues all day again BUT complete all 5 runs with improvements on every one!


40th over all last in class BUT I DONT CARE ahaha

cheers to Andrew via Duncan have sorted a worked motor and soem extra spares and 13x6 for the fronts and 13x8's for the back

Will be blazing around Taupo on the 15th April after a quick trip to dyno just to see exactly what increase a small wad of cash can get :P

pic dump - editing/ordering now

slightly over filled with oil - did not smoke till it was left idleing for over 5 mins (would not start hot - assume rings/lost of compression on 1 or more cylinders

ie the motor is relatively poked and not surprising for a 30+ year old donk!

so trip to welly over weekend :

Smart wee collection ex-Street stock?

balanced everything supposedly capable of 10k rpm

EOI thread  for more info;topicseen

wag is on bump-stops and flattened Exhaust just exiting his driveway haha - worth it!


EEk crank Grind (did not matter if it was the Balanced original or the OEM spare I sent up :

Grind $270
Main Bearings .020 $140
Big ends 0.40 $80
Thrusts (cant read writing on quote) std $52
Freight $12

Total $554 inc

do it once do it right!

will have back on Tues next week


Wheels are now Black

Old motor on the floor

new motor still on the stand, crank back, NOS BEB shells, just waiting for oil seals :/

water blasted Bay/bonnet

pics when done - I have some progress shots on ph



so turns out there was a teaspoon of water/moisture sitting on the valves and a fair amount of rust, nothing a bit of valve paste/elbow grease cant rectify

head off, cleaned the whole block

pistons out, concerned about the amount of slap

not blaming anyone, just sorting it out :P

pics after 'puter restart, also was some weird dust on the pistons which inspired to remove/check head glad i did now , flowed out on rotation of stand

there was mention of maybe should not run 'hot' plugs on av-gas.. fair amount of pitting - suspect Det


all of these are Thumbs - click to view larger

     there was this really big rock
saddesst part loosing this sticker       my solution to Mounts    
this material was coming out ports decided to remove heads         glad I did!

          piston look alloy clean as a whistle! this is how you do it          ID marks        Better!


clutch aligned at lunchtime - figure better check spigot and its STUFFED fingers crossed for same day courier from Palmy and another $40 i dont have....

drop in and turn over tonight wit the hand of some GC's


Yellow Line is the oem 30+ year old tired 1600



I love it when the Courier calls in with TREASURE!

Cheers avenga/Richard!


Tour lap (ie hence no helmets/passengers)


okay : just had quote to weld the alloy on the intake $100 OR I could just fab un a wee bracket to bridge it and hold things tight.....

I would like to to look nice :/


its running

on the Dellortro's :D

pics/vid soon - just missing the wee nut still on plunger but its all there ......

think I just ran out of gas!


first run tonight :P

idle about 2k low revs till I hop in car... up to about 7k

dyno FRIDAY!

have i Mentioned i do things last minute sometimes?

may have to pickup on sat morn on way to Auto-X Thi HQ