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Jokers evolving Rally Avenger

Started by JoKer, January 14, 2011, 08:23:51 PM



Orange 30+ y/o tire poke/burnt-out Donk
Green Fresh rebuilt 1600 from the Hutt Credit to Hunted/Andrew for source
Blue same fresh rebuilt 1600 with Twin Dellorto 40's from avenga and tuned By Keith Stewart

As of Fri pre 'nats

Cant thank my supporters enough Especially Richard!

no doubt some ation pics/vids to come of the hilarity that is Tui HQ Auto-X


Feel free to crop a tad and add /your name watermark in appropriate place?


Huge thanks to Richard again for these Images from the weekend :

now I have it running right will have a tidy up on the body/new decals/stickers - the Eke/Tararua ones have been on it since I bought it


oh and My original Venger in NZPC hehe



Some precession driving from OS nats TUI HQ Auto-X

check the elbow out the window at the end for extra Flair haha


Quote from: 1vakndOkay so i have hired out the full track at taupo for the whole day on the 19th of august. This is going to be for my birthday so am not aiming to charge serious coin. let me know if keen on chicaine or not.

So prices will be $80 per car for owner/driver and $20 per additional driver.

Hopefully this will also be  debut of the EJ20 KP Starlet!!!!

This track day is NOT being organized by any car club or any mods on any car forum sites. This is all me so please be patient in replys to questions.

Basic rules will apply. All persons in any car on the track must be wearing a helmet and full cotton overalls. No cage means no passengers. I am allowing dudes with half cages to hAve passengers. There will be scruitineering and briefing in the morning before any car or driver is allowed on the track!
If you do want to attend please be responsible and treat it as if it was your name on the paper work.

If you do want to confirm a spot there are ten garages left(first in first served). Pm me and I will reply with payment details.

Confirmed thus far:
Boost+K    CK or known as driftmaz OS
FATKP.      CK or Jake OS
Evobaby.   CK
Joker.       OS

now its run in time to see what we can REALLY do


One of the quicker runs from OS Nats Tui Brewery Clover leaf


seems I may have broken something on trip to work.. 1 wheel drive!

perhaps turning the car around in a 3 point turn on the drive is not a grand idea.... (still seems to have these slicks bolted on - teach me for being lazy!)

edit : should also remove tools and junk from the trunk... rally flaps are scrapping making ppl look! haha




200kph + run

diff and spare both 3.89, replaced broked axle, did test run :P (vid) tried rim on backwards, found spare single SU that Hunted was looking for!


Early Vid - there was heaps of 3 and sometimes 2 wheeling today!

uploading incar cam's shortly and you may see some crazy angles of the bonnet vs horizon


Ever increasing Circles was the start to the Mornings Loop, reversed it for the arvo (they turned into a slalom

View from inside my car :P

(subscribe or check my channel there are a bunch from the weekend


its been an endless x-mas eve for me waitign patiently for these to surface :

** Pics from Markku**

enjoy! I certainly did and cant believe it myself


Results are up

check out the list I managed to beat!

Fiat below me was also running twin dellorto's too!

can you see me? I'm doing a HAPPY DANCE!!!