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Avenger Rally car pictures (Pure Gravel)

Started by JoKer, November 02, 2016, 09:57:08 AM


    Images to come courtesy of Warwick Clayton who was kind enough to go through most of his collection of Photographs he has taken FROM THE 80'S


    • MG7949
    Carjam says MG7949 -
    This Plate/VIN has not been assigned to any vehicle at the moment. Free and/or stolen check is hence not available. But you can purchase a full report to find out as much as CarJam can collect from various sources for this registration number. Be aware the report may have no valid data in some circumstances and cannot be refunded. (Not Sure Avengers went this high so will recheck as with the R rego below)
    • RS5095
    Carjam says Stolen Vehicle Check

    RS5095 - 1987 MAZDA BONGO BRAWNY
    This vehicle has not been reported stolen or wanted otherwise by the New Zealand Police.
    • FT4380
    FT4380 is not found.
    • RN8966
    This Plate/VIN has not been assigned to any vehicle at the moment
    • HD3253
    HD3253 is not found.
    • FW1546
    FW1546 is not found.
    • FT8346
    This Plate/VIN has not been assigned to any vehicle at the moment
    • JS8881
    JS8881 is not found.
    • FS4983
    This Plate/VIN has not been assigned to any vehicle at the moment
    • FZ8813
    FZ8813 is not found.
    • I*4991
    Will go thru the alphabet OR check the image see if we cna make out the second letter better later
    • HB8700
    HB8700 -
    This Plate/VIN has not been assigned to any vehicle at the moment

Sad all of these appear deceased :/ (HB could possibly be my car)


IR4991 was my first Avenger Rally car. It was a 73 TC and I did able 8-10 rallies in 78 & 79 including the NZ rally champs in 79 in Group 1.

I will find some pics and post soon.

In 1980 it was restored to back to a road car and sold, some years later I spotted it in a stack of car at the Silverstream tip...(way before Pick A Part started)


Joker, your cars shell was originally HB7405 when I first build it as a rally car in 1980, I upgraded it to a Chrysler (10 Series) in mid 1980 after damaging both sides on the Daybreaker and then got new plates JS8201


AHH Awesome! We were hunting specifically for the early rego & thought it may have been the other HB above as there are not many GLS (Twin headlight) rally cars, bit of a peculiarity

Neither of those are active / found on Carjam

thus this list is here :P

Sorry for lack of pictures I think they are lost in the post, Warwick is going to bring them to me on a usb stick tomorrow

I think I still owe you the Crank case breather pipe too?


Its a bit like granddad axe.....

I got HB7405 late 79 and it was a 1600 Super with Rect headlights and Metallic SilverBlue (Mistral), after the 80 Daybreaker damage it was rebuilt as a Chrysler JS8201 and painted white with brown strips then at the end of the season I rolled it and then repainted it white with a blue side strip which it stayed until I did a major tidy up in 86, still white but with Talbot Sport colours red, dark blue, light blue and yellow strips and this is how it was when Trevor Weir bought it off me. I think it stayed this way while Trevor had it, he sold it and its next owner reshelled with the 4 headlight Alpine shell and it later returned to the Weirs and this is the shell that you have.

Re the breather pipe, yes I still want it and I have a GLS rear quarter panel moulding for you


That's a pretty cool story Miles thanks for sharing / writing it down :P

here's the 68 Images I have on a Imgur album : bit much work to copy / paste them oall over here