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brm avenger porn

Started by avengertiger, February 07, 2016, 08:59:33 PM


great vid of barry jordans brm avenger in the uk on test.


Man that is sexy. I think you need to add a "NSFW R18" tag on the subject line.

You shouldn't show me stuff like that. It would hurt my wallet too much.

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isn't it,should come with a health warning alright can severely damage your means of living....


its the first engine built by jondel in the uk using the new casting brm head they have tested the head on old engines and jondel have built old brm engines up with new parts but this is the first new engine complete.
Will be interesting to see power figures and dyno sheets and see how it performs with regard to reliability in the stages,jondel have a great reputation in the uk for building good quality engines specialising in the opel c2.0xe and bda and bdg ford engines.


Looks like I'm saving up for lotto ticket so I can buy one! 😁
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