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71Avengers 1971 Hillman Avenger

Started by 71Avenger, April 26, 2015, 09:33:30 PM


Hi all just thought I'd put up some pics of the progress I've made in the last year or so. After being off the road for a while I decided to get some stuff done! Got around to getting wheels for the car which I reckon look brilliant, then chucked in some lower springs which I picked up when I bought a twin headlight grill sometime last year. Alot of work has been done to the guards now as you'll surely notice. Went to see her tonight and I was stoked with what the panelbeater had done!

Heres some pics of before we had the springs in and the new wheels on. Then with the old wheels and new springs in. Then some of it with the guards being worked on, should be home soon! :D

Discuss here :)


Bit of an update.

Got the car back on monday and got a wof! Got rego on thursday and now we're all road legal! Done a quick oil change yesterday and have been driving it around quite a bit. Pretty much a two seater now since it scrape pretty good on most driveways. Should get a bit of black paint on the guards and roof for next weekend so I can take it for a poker run organised by a local group for some fundraising.

Here's some pics of it at the mo, weather is shit so will take some better ones later.


Little bit of storytime... been very quiet on here last few years, still got the avenger and work is starting again. Must have been late 2015 that a friend and I took our cars over to brits at the beach. Great time and great drive but I ended up flooding the sump with petrol and developed a nice little knock.

After that happened we decided to put the twin carb setup we had off an alpine that we stripped years ago on, which was ok for a while.

New years 2015/16 took it down to Whareroa on lake Taupo for a week and the drive down was fine, car ran sweet as but the trip home was a struggle and started having thoughts about changing things up so put the car away in the shed for a rest.

Feb 16 "accidentally" took too much off the springs when we did ye olde makita one ways suspension mod in the rear and since the springs I had in when the guards got built were shot, the car wasn't sitting level and the guards weren't even on each side so ruined my tyre on the left rear and made it undriveable. Parked up, reg on hold till june/july last year when I bought a 96 VS SS Commodore (which is for sale) and wanted to put that in the shed. Tried to start the avenger to move it to the in-laws shed for dry storage but just pissed out petrol from one of the carbs so towed it over to where it has sat till last week.

And now we get to this. Scored an sr20de out of a mates s14 silvia. Got it complete with gearbox, loom, ecu and driveshaft, thats been the last few days jobs. Getting the car ready to pull motor and box out for the transplant. Will have the old 1500 setup and box for sale once it comes out so if anyone is interested, get in touch. May be a slow process as we will do as much as we can ourselves but am hoping to have it done and road legal for summer. Stay tuned.