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Rear Window Louvre

Started by streetracer75, May 11, 2014, 04:31:21 AM


Hi I saw a post on here once about the rear window louvre's that used to be available for the Hillman Avengers. Does anyone know if they are still available?


Saw one sell on eBay for 200 pounds...gotta be keen at that price!!


When I had my TC I used a Mk4 Cortina louvre, it needed a bit of a trim on the bottom corners and if I remember correctly there was a slight gap at the top corners but otherwise it was a pretty good fit and looked the part, I think the brand was Aunger?


Scarlet - do you happen to have any photos? Would be keen to see how it looked, as I might be able to work with that kind of look!


No sorry I dont have a photo, I owned the TC back in the 80s but what I do remember is the Cortina window was a bit more square and the Avenger window tapered in at the top, the reason for the gap at the top.
The Cortina window was also more flat on the bottom, the reason I had to trim it to get the curve right. I dont remember modifying the top?
I only used the MK4 Cortina one because a mate had it and he put it up against my window  and it was a close fit so he gave it to me. There may be other models that will be a better starting point fit,


Hi there's one on eBay now starting at ?180


Shall we do a group buy? And then make some moulds? I'm keen.



here's a pic of another Members with a Mk3 Cortina Louvre Fitted

and caption 

QuoteKat Marshall-Chapman

They fit top and bottom, just the corners are a bit bigger than an Avengers