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Started by avengertiger, January 13, 2011, 11:28:27 AM


Holy crap, That Tiger is looking damn sexy. You so have to get it shipped over here so I can drool over it in person.

Top job on the restoration!!

1975 Hillman Avenger 1300 Super, 1972 Chrysler Valiant Charger 770, 1980 Chrysler Avenger 1.3GL
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for once I am SOLD on fender mirrors!

have never ever thought they were a good idea till now!


wow!  :o is perfect.
hopefully I got some coilovers as GAZ. Canary is impossible to get.
the engine is perfect.


That blue Alpine doesn't look too bad, the roof has suffered after the vinyl came off of course!
It seems to be a 1974 Alpine (HA number plate and round grill badge) making it the first of the 1600 TC's.
It's a rare and collectible model and well worth saving...can even be re-registered with it's original number plate!
I was told the 1974 Alpine was the first NZ assembled 1600 cc 4 door car to achieve 100mph from the factory!!
I have a 1974 Alpine as well, maybe the only one still on the road?


i have to have a good look around it yet,i know there is a hole in the roof at the front above the passenger,and the windscreen has been broken for some time so im guessing the floors are none to good,the interior is shot,other than the quick look around it i had it doesnt seem all that bad,time will tell i will post up pics when i get them back and under cover.
one of the lower arms on the red one has a big kink in it i have never seen that before even on rally cars.


Yes I was thinking the floors might be a bit rusty, they can be patched if not too bad.
It's when the rust gets into the inner sills and jacking points you've got a job on your hands!
Avengers have that tiny lame ass drain channel where the front floor meets the chassis rail...easily blocked so the floor rusts out from water laden dirt build up.
I regularly get under mine and clear them it out with a piece of welding wire.
I've also drilled holes in the rear guard corners to let any water out, as Avenger boots aren't exactly water
Drilling drain holes in the front valence under the radiator is also a good idea...another common rust area.


good tips to keep the rot at bay,i have the red 1600 home now and its beyond keeping the sills are gone right through inner outer and b post,bottem of quater panels front panel,rear valence etc etc list goes on but the roof is good and inner wings  are good so i will take it apart as it was built drill out spotwelds and keep whats good for future cars.
interior i will use in the yellow series 7 and bits and bobs to get that sorted.
i have a decent set of headlights now and a bootlid just need to sort out a halfshaft leak and go over the brakes.


small bit of work done to tiger,wiring is new sorted in engine bay and new coil and leads gone on,plus distributor fitted,front brakes ordered and hopefully fitted before i get back to see her,not long now off to ireland at the end of august.


Wow where does the time go,not a lot of progress here as funds were low after buying a house and getting married but after the recovery period of nearly a year I am once again heading back to Ireland in May.
I have lots to do and many avenger people to visit so I hope to put up lots of photos on here of avengers in Ireland.
I might get some stickers off Richard too to give to avenger enthusiasts there.
I hope to get some more work done on the car to,we are getting the exhaust redone and the carbs need balancing once the exhaust is fitted.