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Mystery Engine- anyone here an authority on old 1950s-1940s Hillmans/Humbers?

Started by kriemhild, August 11, 2012, 05:53:51 PM


It's kinda a long story but I'll keep it short.

The Fellow has an old 1946 Humber that he's trying to restore- but it has a different engine in it. Something went wrong with the water pump and he can't get replacement parts because he doesn't know what kind of engine it is... Maybe an old Husky or Minx? a weensy little side-valve.

Sorry to post something so off-topic and RANDOMZ but I've been scouring the internet for any kind of info with no luck. I've tried to join a forum specifically for really old-timey Rootes Group products but still waiting on it and the fellow is getting IMPATIENT!

The water pump is supposed to live on top of the motor and the radiator has been altered to suit.

Anyways, here's the photos:



Kinda looks like a late 30's or 40's Willys motor to me

have a collector friend & we've moved a few around recently

I'll send him you images & see what he thinks


nah he says

QuoteNot too sure, looks English, Morris or Vauxhall? Dunno


Looks like Humber 10 to me, have a couple of these engines here complete still, would have water pumps on them but no idea of condition 0275951798