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JoKer's '76 HN6783 Daily

Started by JoKer, June 05, 2012, 01:59:11 PM


Quote from: avenga on January 20, 2013, 06:53:06 PM
I was at Kumeu today and I talked to a guy who did an auto to manual conversion and still has the BW45. I am waiting for him to text me then I will pass on your details.


Ian's a good chap, have just spoken to him and he's happy to refund/pickup

so far best suggestion is to pop in a Triumph 6 to match the working box :)

only reason I bought the car is the AUTO aspect (and price and trim secondry) otherwise manualling it is not really in my favour

gentle bump for the 45 mentioned above :]

so far I have to assume all 35's are different bolt spacing and not a simple swap

BW45 tail is 100mm BW35 114.3mm (or whatever imperials are for the similar stud pattern etc

Bells are 140mm BW45, and 95mm BW35 (as mentioned this part is not the main issue : could redrill and make work, heaps of meat in the flanges

click able thumbnail for reference (same pic as on last page)

edit : added Labels and dimensions to pic


got the classic line from Lincon Auto's "BW45? we just scrapped one of them recently, had it for 15 years"

other than that no quote to speak of, short week and all will push them next week


Not good news : just spoke to Warren (rebuilder) couple of thousand was quote and he's only just cracked it open to look, Bearing has gone and metal shavings have gone thru valve body, not many options currently

getting it sent back, will keep up the hunt, may have to visit the Corgi guy in Woodyville or get imaginative with adapters / something

also amazed no one has said "I told you so"

after track visit and a few big tows'


I spoke to an auto tranny place in Ak and they said it would cost $1200 max to rebuild...$2000 is OTT.


bout twice my budget anyway

the bearing collapsed and parts are hard to get apparently


hmmm only one other option if you cant fix it!
Li'l Blu


Quote from: oldschool on June 05, 2013, 09:46:15 AM
Here's an Avenger for parts or put back on the road, plus an auto gearbox he'll sell separately...go Jared!!

HAH snapped : this is a forum members car :P Wondered how he knew about the white one!

have tentatively secured the Auto Box, plan on sending it on to Borgweiser/James in Welly for a check/freshen-up before I install

I am a little excite!

even if it is a 3 month plan/possibly rolling by Bike Summit OR collect then etc.


"its a small world after all"

Parts guru Ian (Who I had the Sunbeam 35 off), was winner, has just popped in to see if I wanted him to bring the box on his next trip down :P

hah awesome, still no rush tho, Geoff if you're reading this, don't panic! He's back down in 6 weeks time :]


so thats whats left of the OEM Gearbox :/

may post closeups of physical damage for those that know what they are looking at

thanks to James for helping me out and getting his apprentice to tear it down, you might spot a bonus air filter and exhaust manifold in the image too! Also spot the near new torque converter : HANDY!


pic-less update but IT HAS ARRIVED!!

via the OS courier and last weekend Bike Summit in Taupo (I missed it/was last OS meet the year before I drove this car there) 10-5 passed a slushie, san-Bellhousing, onto UTERUS who called in last night on the was to the Palmy Swap-meat, an awkward happy dance ensued and Scrumpy was exchanged

So I just gotta bolt up my Bell and reinstall converter (shouldn't be hard right? the on out of the HN6783 was near brand new in last few years according to James so plan to reuse that) and bolt to car, filler up and dort!

psst need my starter back Kierbier :P

any tips/tricks i should watch out for?


My workshop floor this morning :P figure I might keep the old bits for the "Hall of shame wall/Gods of speed Monument" etc.


If you've got a spare auto bell housing for a 5 speed conversion, that's worth more than the gearbox!


not to me it aint :P

but yea no spares here, guy I got he box off only bought the car (was whole till last week) for the bellhousing also


Dropped it off to mechanic :P

he's gunna lift it in and get me to come down and finish it off!

just waiting for starter to get back to me now (went on a tiki tour)