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JoKer's '76 HN6783 Daily

Started by JoKer, June 05, 2012, 01:59:11 PM


2.5 hrs on a mates hoist and the slushie is free : inspected oil tray and loads of filing : uhoh

os discussion on a "knock on wood" scenario, when I have time to start unbolting more stuff

also spotted an Auto Hunter at Perry's Wreckers in Waipukerau : about 16 cars deep so might take a few day with a forklift to get at


now what? anything I can actually check myself/adjust?

or should I just go raid this


FOR SALE with the HOTWIRES ON IT $1800

no wof/reg on Hold

hope to have running / wof next week



Sorted handbrake :P just need to get gearbox from Napier to here now and WOF it!


on the other cart there is a wee H shaped tab

sits in between the yoke and the shoe

I guess they are not crucial?


Quote from: oldschool on November 16, 2012, 09:16:44 AM
Hi Jared,

Was talking with Andrew here in Ak yesterday, he has BW35 and BW45 gearboxes from a Hunter, is willing to sell. The BW35 is stronger but uses a cable operated control, not rod as on the BW45.

BTW the H tab in your rear brakes is necessary to keep the handbrake lever travel within limits and the leverage angles correct, otherwise too much free play at the handbrake lever and a poor handbrake.
Pretty easy to make them out of scrap steel.



Finally got the trumph box yesterday : sat it next to mine at lunch : not even close :/

will try number above / still hunting


This is how wrong

Triumph BW35 on left vs My Auto BW45 on right, totally different bolt patterns on bell and tail

still yet to sack up and revisit this with a ruler : have another 35 option (still have a budget in the red for repairs till early next year)


psst Ian dropped of a 35 this just now! so excite : like i need another distraction right now haha

complete with kick-down cable, no pics but is promising!

He has 22 cars he is wrecking (Sunbeams/Rootes group stuff) and will keep an eye out for parts for us if needed


haha awesome. Some guy gave me his deets to contact him fr parts but everytime i do, he just rings up aaron and is like yo, why does that girl want that part? i know this because it happened while i was with aaron! arh
Li'l Blu


Bahahahaha......... yeah its true peps, happend to me too


so ok : bolt spacing on the "new" 35 is same as the Triumph box as in wrong :/ but with room to move/slot some holes so maybe not impossible!

or am I better to leave the tail/output ans shorten or source a better fiting Driveshaft?

Above in order is the GLS box, Sunbeam 35/Ians drop-off, and the Triumph 2000 35


Looks like a big job adapting those bad is your 45 box...anyone looked inside it to see what it needs?
Another option is to convert to manual...even a 5 speed as you'll have the auto bell housing to use!!


be nice to bolt something in and drive it aye

anyone got an idea on an auto rebuild these days? magic happens inside them from what I understand


I was at Kumeu today and I talked to a guy who did an auto to manual conversion and still has the BW45. I am waiting for him to text me then I will pass on your details.

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