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JoKer's '76 HN6783 Daily

Started by JoKer, June 05, 2012, 01:59:11 PM


Discussion here :

Pre Summit : decide to have a wee tidy up of cabin area

remove dash/speedo, a few lights missing! was wondering where my High beam light was, glue auto gear indicator back together and fix light!

Lick of paint over the centre console, and tidy up of the upholstery on the dash, made pockets to fill gaps next to stereo out of screw containers, installed 12v Accessory (ciggy lighter) in blank above fan switch, more hot glue


and on way back

no majors, lost low beam again :/ having to hold in "hi flash" position to engage low beam, high beam is fine, frustrating

bout 280km on a tank/38 litres = 7.2 km/L (drag coefficient of the pedals lowering it a tad)

Discovered I have a light in the glove box (currently not working) a Working Steering wheel lock! I have to take key out proper to engage it, and the ignition is pretty flogged/can start with a screwdriver, not that they are highly secure in first place

aim to remedy that shortly (neighbour is locksmith or by other means)

Discussion here :


13x7" Hotwires (have 205's on them = rub city, reckon if I chuck my 175;s all round they should work fine OR slicks for race car)

still having issues with lights specifically the contacts in behind the stalks for high and low beam, might resort to buying something new :/


Went and pillaged the blue/purple Alpine down at Wilfs for its indicator stalk

this the ciggy lighter thingy you were on about Rich? And moss on the windscreen might imply how ling its been there (willing to guess 20+ years given its location, moisture inside was evident on the hood lining from good frost this morning

Last part in the puzzle was this fuse hiding under the Valiant switch

my 'pockets' made from half a screw jar from Mitre10 (sans dash)


Went Manfield and had a heap of fun learning to drive My AUTO!

1,49's on the Yokohama's (rear, Enduro's front) and 1,44's on the Slicks, which as ya can see flat-spotted/wore out one good, which I blame for loosing a bolt holding the Air filter housing on, so I am searching for one of these big headed screws

also lost battery clamp out on track, was returned to me less one long bolt, Repco to the rescue, battery was resting on dipstick/dizzy when I opened bonnet

last thing I lost was the headlights coming back over the Saddle Road INTERESTING moment, was following a car so stayed close and bought new 30A fuse (se previous post) which I could access vis switch hole/pull dash out a bit...

Met ken who was piloting Neil's Cha''venger, Neil was in the Hump'mobile (also Hemi Charger powered)

oh and vids

Bit of a Drift moment on road tires/last session of the day

Did 5 in total, all about 10 mins, 1st and last were on the Hotwires, bo brake fade, some over heating occured when I left the gear in "3" learnt to drive between that and "D"

used half a tant of 98 fuel, about 70 kms on track with my foot buried in the carpet

that's coming thru the "essses" and hairpin, only issues now are I reckon trans needs fluid change, as stick in something low and takes a bit of warming up to get to highway speed

1st turn of the track was notorious for me knocking it into "N" which was frustration too! (missed race seats heaps, other knee was on door for left turns)

Edit : top speed was 140kph on the straights via the Speedo (which I have verified with my GPS previously is correct on the Hotwires)


that's not right LOL

will change Trans fluid when I get a chance *knock on wood*


decided to try and bring it to work today : wont start! (to flush trans)

not even getting 1/4 throttle : feels like carbs are stuck? where do I look/grease first?

edit : kick down cable appears seized


smoking cables on cranking lead me to believe BAD earth, cause for stuck cable etc, will whip starter off (is recommended in Handbook for auto's) and grease shaft/fiddle with electrics etc


WTB: one of these screw caps!


Sorted Kick-down, still test driving to see if improvement with new fluids

replaced cork rocker cover seal at same time (pics later don't have cable on me)


New vs old Cork Rocker cover gasket, not sure if split was there before i tried to remove it, also notices a few spots where it had collapsed into the cover perhaps causing some leakage

exposed valve springs

Twin springs

Engine numbers

tidied up trans Sump

got a surprise to see all the patent numbers in their respective countries listed!

4 liters of new fluid in, seems to be running a tad low (Haynes bible says 6L capacity) seems to have improved drive-ability a tad, installing new kick-down was not fun as I dared not remove more than the sump cover and filter (not much access to the cable termination)


Quote from: JoKer on June 07, 2012, 07:06:43 PM

Someone Name the missing badge? Might find a "By Chrylser" to sit there

Gunna guess I could use one of these TC badges I spied

Quote from: avengertiger on August 11, 2012, 01:42:16 PM

Silver car totally just needs a Battery and a WOF


13x7 Hotwires to match HN will be shod in next set of slicks



needs a tad less tongue weight I think

only went from my house to work /1.1 km

has the right amount of LOW now thou!


sooo weird thing tonight : no reverse? bit of a clunking and rattle, hmmm

oh and <.< looks around shadily >.> read my wof sticker and it says the 8th month OOPS

best get that sorted eh, this could get interesting

also lost my pillar mounted aerial STINK can still get radio fine hence I didn't notice till today...