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JoKer's '76 HN6783 Daily

Started by JoKer, June 05, 2012, 01:59:11 PM


Discuss here : JoKer's '76 HN6783 Discussion

to view on NZ's largest retro ride community aka hit : Joker's Hillman Avengers in Projects and Build Ups

as per Trademe thread

have just been informed car is in my Brother's possession!!!

should have it around 4pm : ITS LIKE XMAS FOR ME  << cached TM Advert (has expired so cant view live)

have these rims redy to "test" / bolt on

Quote from: avenga on May 30, 2012, 09:21:12 AM
Really cheap alpine!!! this looks like a bargin. $900ono!

In the auction they say it is a 1300 but carjam says it is a 1600 "Hillman Avenger Alpine SLS" Never heard of an SLS model, think they may mean GLS. It is an auto also.

Quote from: oldschool on May 30, 2012, 11:32:29 AM
Yeah you better buy it before I do Jarrod...LOL

That's a super rare Alpine/GLS hybrid...
As they were changing over to the Chrysler models, the last of the Hillman Alpines had Chrysler bits like the GLS vinyl roof and the mag steel wheels...also fitted with Valiant upholstery because the Alpine interior was no longer being made..!!
I remember the last of the Hunters had the Valiant upholstery too.
It may also have a 1.75" single carb rather than the twin 1.5's fitted to earlier Alpines.

Somebody buy that car NOW...!!
Quote from: NZTiger on May 30, 2012, 10:25:59 PM
Its not a hybrid or half Alpine/GLS.

Todds started making these in January 75 and were an addition to the Alpine in the Avenger range. I remember following the pilot build car through the factory when I stared at Todds, it was Apache red with beige roof.
They were only made as autos so mechanically they were an auto Alpine with upgrade trim. As with Alpine they had twin 150 Strombergs initially which changed to a single 1.75 for the last ones built in 77. They were all 1600cc.

Detail differences..
Vinyl roof extended onto boot as UK GLS
Silver grill instead of black
Adjustable Valiant door mirrors
rev counter
New plush seats with the front seats having adjustable headrests that used the back frame from the Galant 1850 grafted to the Avenger cushion. Fabric was an option for the first time in the Avenger range. Vinyl and fabric materials were common to all Todd assembled cars of the time. Note the fabric was rubbish and was bad affect with UV.
Centre console extended to surround auto shifter
Door trims had carpet insert along the bottom.
Side mouldings
Rear door switches for interior light
There are probably more....

NOW can anyone give me a Valuation on this car in its current state?

keen to "fully" insure it, I have said to broker 3k inc. mags and tires, Higher/lower?


checked fluids and driven 50km tonight

pretty much first view I had of it in some sort of light (Brother dropped it off in the dark)

nek minnit

first impressions : HAPPY DANCE

after I found the light switch : has bee altered to a pull type near choke, everything works, front left has wobble on it, left rear has something wrong, jacked up tire is still on the ground,

215's do not fit under the rears and had to go on the front

205's now on back (what I had in shed)

1x Toyo T1R
1x Linglong

bahahhahahahah already pissing ppl off : may keep them on for as long as I can!

diff whine needs sorting/checking, will pop on hoist to see if anything else needs attention/is trying to kill me

Colour code is AR for the record too :p


inspected valve springs = doubles = OEM motor

replaced a worn ball join, adjusted diff a tad, ignoring handbrak issues for now : focusing on things that can kill me

Solexes on bench next to it just itching to get in, they are better than the Strombergs by far aye?


Some Daytime Photos!

Someone Name the missing badge? Might find a "By Chrylser" to sit there

"haqndbrake" (x2)

Recovered Dash

Inside View, spot Light switch (pull type, rotary been disabled, and extre indicator "indicator" on top of steering column/shroud

as bought engine Pre Solex

Single off, slightly ported?

Solex's are on : running but weird, need to locate the "kickdown" I think, currently floating in engine bay, is not peppy AND change into reverse/D is a bit rough

need to learn more about these auto's

and get proper Filters for them, currently have "Ramflo's on, and not heard much good stuff about them/not enuff flow


Solex's run like a Bag of poo, starts idles a tad high and backfires/chuff's might need an expert/try the set of TC's that came with race moter/back to Single Carb for simplicity

Revs fine but with hesitation, came off one of Peter/Trevor Weirs cars so I know they are semi ok

also discovered I have the rare Twin choke cable too!




Strombergs SO MUCH BETTER!

Trial fit 13x7"s

token "Before" image Single Carb/dirty

am So glad I keept so much of the '78 I wrecked, lil things like window winders, rear view mirror, interior light etc coming in handy!

fiddled with Diff : all good now, just need to keep the fluid in! (more gasket poo required)

sort handbrake next week i think (needs reataching to floor tunnel and wiring up at rear)


Trying some different wheel combo's this week ; not sure how long tyre rub will last!




Borrowed Kyle's/younggun's Wards (Made in Palmerston North)


Hotwires win

Need a Tidy up and 2x tires for rest of the set



175/13 OEM Steels vs the 215/17"s I was running


How I got it

Now, My finger hurt from Auto-Sol polishing the spokes

Is a huge re-learning curve driving on something NOT low-profile, wanders around the road a bit/crap tires on the back/easy to get in a drift on a wet road, so happy to be able to steer without anything rubbing!

Set of nuts were $60 inc washers delivered 12x1.25 thread

What Fuel are you guys running? $93 for 43 litres of 98 (figure time for a treat) is Valvoline Lead-replacement additive still a requirement?


No progress : deciding whta Head unit I want to use : tape/mp3/etc.

links for H-Brake cable

Windscreen rubber (thanks Kierbeer)

and filler

for future reference

also hunting for a bit of strip to go back on the left rear


Reason for "rubber" interest

and more Rim options!

Cheviot Turbo mags

Fatties yeaaaaaaaah

only have 2x currently, sprayed OEM steel to match : pretty hideous mismatch, 175's on both rims

Hotwires still win (ever so slightly over Turbos), can get some Cortina steels for $10, might look into that for fronts if I ever rock the fatties

headlight's dont work any-more after a few bumps on way hm grrr, started off at just no Highbeam on the weekend

edit : on and yea both rear shocks have punched through into the boot/top of their covers, almost certain wrong items BUT they do do a good job

aim to paint tow bar black also : I hate it but not enuff to remove it!


Fixed Headlights

View with Steering wheel and shroud off

spot the lower broken piece and the upper melted post

Soldering Iron and hot glue gun we are back in business!

Kierbeer I suspect you might have similar issues, interesting to note zero wires heading to my "rotary" light control can only assume the pull switch is another Valiant 'feature'


Woo have MP3/CD/stereo! (I am an easy man to please)

Installed the Audio FX that came in the back seat/6x9"s hiding under the Blanket on parcel shelf

was gunna ditch it because it was blue looking BUT found a menu that made it match the car (simple things)

cant remember what goes in the spaces on either side, vents/switches?


Went and raided Azza's shed :P

Hoon up the bay and back

when my bro said windscreen leaks he wasnt kidding! Driving @100kph (which is around 3500 rpms) water is forced into the bead and starts a trail on the inside grrrrrr maybe some silicon for now!


woulda been interesting to see the differences vs single carb but no way I am going to do that exercise soon


Lost low beam again

removed dash/shifter stuff

re-glued stuff and was amazed at the mechanical oil pressure line!

a few lights missing from behind dash, had a shuffle and I now have high beam indicator!

need new light for shifter, touched up/resprayed steering wheel

be like new shortly!

also remembered I should have rubber for screen in shed from my '78