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its started!!

Started by avengertiger, April 25, 2012, 10:05:04 PM


after much debate and arm twisting the avengers i posted about in an earlier topic are mine check out original post for pics.

we spent the whole day today dragging out the four avengers from the long grass "rotten row" as its called and got the yellow series 7 running after a bit of bodging with the fuel lines and ignition (no key).
so on to the trailor and i dragged it back home and its sitting in the shed i said in the earlier thread the headlights are stuffed and it needs a dash and interior i can probably salvage an interior from one of the others,but the dash are different.
this one hasnt reg on hold so it will need to be revinned and possibly hold onto the old number it will need a good going over brakes and suspension and the odd rust blister,no big drama would hope to have it done by xmas but im not putting myself under pressure to do it,lots to do between now and then.

the other 3 are the old white rally hack that we waterblasted today and checked out,it has a quick rack and konis all round and lowered springs tar seal spec,cage is homologated and approved and there is a set of cheviot alloys on it,brakes are standard,engine is all apart but complete and is quite high spec i have to read all the paperwork that came with it,the fibreglass bib on the front is reputedly from chrysler competitions dept in the uk which i will confirm with the club in the uk but is very simillar to richards one,but wrecked it might be repairable.
there is a blue metallic tc apline which is rough and will probably be a spares car the roof has a hole in it possibly from a previous vinyl roof.and the red one which i thought was a 1300 is a 1600 and is one i would like to put back on the road but has a good bit of rot in the sill and door shuts on passenger side but is complete and starts and drives.

pics to follow i have just brought the yellow one home so far and will probably collect the tc next.
i will keep this thread updated until i get them all home and then when i start working on them i will start different threads.
there is also one more im chasing or a mate is and will keep you posted on it if it comes this way.


i took some more photos today as we moved them from were they have been sitting for the last 4 or 5 years so they dont look to flash the blue one is the alpine and the red one is the 1600

rough eh?
i havent pictures of the old rally car its the white one in the old pics in the other thread but ye plenty of work ahead in the next few years.


i have the red 1600 home now and its pretty crusty i will take some pics the weekend,after 5 years sitting up some fresh petrol and a battery and it started no problems drives fine too.
i have never seen a bottom arm on the bottom were the rear spring suits buckle like it has on this one its kinked in the middle so the rear axle is out of line.
the interior is in good nick carpet is shot but all there so i can make a new one from the old pattern,the seats are all good and have a cool little logo on the seatback,its a kind of dark brown.
i havent decided yet if its worth saving its got some large holes in it mostly the sills and bottoms of rear quarters,also on the rear window frame and spare whell well.
it was originally white and had a poor red spray job over the years but is mostly complete except for one rear light.

i will put some pics up of the race car as well that i put in jokers thread,its a really clean shell but not something i have the time or cash to get back into action.
must start a discussion thread


some pics i took today of the alpine it looks to be to far gone for my pocket :(