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Here's info on converting a Lucas Distributor to Electronic

Started by oldschool, January 29, 2011, 01:46:29 PM


Cheers yea I tucked 'er in the shed with a kick to sulk hah

glad I knew what it was straight away but not something that normally fails is it?


and landed from my local parts guy 2x PN CBR43's for under $30 (cheaper but same as the than the TM link


Looks like they'll do the trick & theory is I'll NEVER need the second one eh?


just ran the Multi meter over them


where as the manual is suggesting 0.5 and 5 ohm

will that be an issue? or have I got the wrong units ?


I can't read what the multimeter is saying, can you upload a bigger photo

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the 'Specs from internet on the Part say 1.5 and 5 Ohm

Mulitimeter read 2 and 5 Ohms

My electical guy here says "yep it'll be fine, just run it

and all the searching on net I did earlier did not find any other options

#CBR41 exists but same specs



Fixed it : there was a Jumper 'missing" on the 1st 2 Terminals on the Ballast resistor (was never there) and mate was looking at the diagram & says : where's this wire

not sure why it became a problem after using it for a few years eh