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Lookas "restoration garage"

Started by lookas, February 01, 2012, 11:16:04 AM



Looks like a lot of rust to start with.

Is that a Sunbeam badge I see on the back?

Also has a strange 4 headlight setup in the first photos, was that aftermarket or factory?

1975 Hillman Avenger 1300 Super, 1972 Chrysler Valiant Charger 770, 1980 Chrysler Avenger 1.3GL
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Rust is a challenge, right?  ;D ;D
Have a good eye  ;) yes I have a sunbeam badge on the rear hood, on this part of Europe Chrysler UK distribute Hilman Avenger with the Chrysler Sunbeam name ... here is only the mk2 model Avenger, mk1 is Sunbeam ...

But I have Avenger badges  ;D I dont like the name Sunbeam  ::) ;D

Front mask/grill was aftermarket, but it looks like factory-done


Can someone tell me the diff ratio on my car,and what type of series is ?? I never know what these numbers mean on the plate :( :(


Paddy might be able to decode those numbers as he's the expert on UK assembled Avengers.
If yours is a 1500 it will have a 3.89:1 diff.


Haha Avenga I'm no expert but as the guy who resprayed my 1300 said, you learn fast.
Lets just say as the old joke goes, Q. Whats the definition of an Irish genius?
A. The man that can talk any amount of sh**e, about any amount of sh*t!
My joke is not at all meant as a comment about your Avenger Lookas, it is not as bad as you perhaps think it is.

Lookas, your dog tag looks like a pre 1300/1600 pattern. RG means 1972/3 build year. The 'N' in the service code should refer to your diff ratio.
The first letter 'F' is not listed in the picture of the document I have to describe the Service Code so I can only assume it probably means 1500 high compression.

On the manifold side of the cylinder head you will see a number, take note of it.

You possibly could have one of the pre 09/'73 upgraded (pre Series 4) Avengers fitted with the larger engines as they ran out of 1250/1500cc blocks in June/July 1973 and fitted the 1300/1600 engines in their place.
Avengers were called 'Series 4,5,6,7,8 & 9' and the 1970-3 1250/1500 did not have a 'series' name applied to them, rather just pre S4.

What is the trim like on the Avenger/Sunbeam? If the dashboard is the strip (rectangular letterbox type) speedometer, does the dash have a silver/grey insert?
You say the headlamps were round type? That should mean the dashboard is round clocks and if its pre S4 build the gauges should be small-ish looking (AC Delco) and the grain on the dashboard would be coarse.
Are the door cards, a kind of straight lined pattern or has there a 'crank' pattern on the cards?

Post pictures please, you just might have one of the 'twilight zone' Avengers!

Also take a picture of any other dog tags on the slam panel, take off the grille and look around where the horn(s) are found, there should be another dog tag there, assuming the panels have not been replaced.

Take plenty of pictures Lookas, we will crack it for you!

As for rust, take a blowtorch to a patch of rust and see if any moisture comes off, if not then scrape away as much as you can, esp. any bits with black spots. Then with the weather dry, paint rust eater on to it. Again with the car as dry as you can get it, spray rust eater into the sills, inside the chassis legs etc etc etc.

Keeping the car dry, then spray waxoil into the same places about a day later.
Its a rusty old car but as long as you do this when the car is bone dry you will halt the rust. Naturally there will be bits to weld, its an old car.

Pay particular attention to the front panels and the seams around the jack boxes. Take off the fuel tank and just keep at it.
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