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Radiator upgrades : whats the go?

Started by JoKer, October 25, 2011, 09:19:34 PM


so was looking at Civic's but inlet/bottom is on wrong side

anyone do anything cool?

pun intended

other than custom made, trying to keep things simple


Frig they do actually look pretty good!


QuoteBrand new, high quality 56mm core performance aluminum radiator for a 1989-2000 Nissan 300ZX turbo Z32 3.0L V6 auto (or manual). Product exactly as pictured.


Physical core is 500x400

or max 555x430mm counting mounts & top ofthe radiator cap


I'm using a Mazda MX5 radiator.
It's a bit wider than an Avenger one, and won't fit in a quad light model


Excellent : love a 'proven' method


they do look good!

QuoteMAZDA MX5 1.6 1.8 1989-1997 MK1
Manual Transmission

This radiator is a wide 42mm thick 2 core full alloy tanks .
1.1 Bar Radiator Cap Included.

Cooling capacity is increased about 25% than a standard radiator
The core of the radiator is welded in a vacuum brazing furnace, no epoxy. The tanks are 100% welded by TIG
100% Brand New

Core Size:        320 X 638 X 52 x 42mm

Eldon B

Here is a Ke70 fenix radiator worked quite well, i did have the electric fan on the front which i am now changing to the back.


nice! reason for fan switch? or just works better you reckon

Eldon B

Yeah i only put in front because of clearance issue with motor, the electric fans are more efficient pulling air through as well as if its in front it block air coming in while driving. I am Learning how to tig weld put new fan mounts on and thermo switch.


little info from the 'other' Radiator thread [in the vein of putting all info in one thread reposting here :P

Quote from: JoKer on April 18, 2017, 07:36:15 AMWent & met this guy yesterday

(what are the chance of another 'Jarod' with a 76 Avenger nearby)

anyway I noted he had a Nissan Pulsar radiator in it and thought that was pretty cool

wasnt quite mounted up but plumbed in fine & looked like it would work great

like one of those : not exactly a direct bolt in but it fitted if you catch my drift

from a N14 / N15 shape i believe