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For Sale or Wanted Rules

Started by avenga, January 17, 2011, 12:36:26 AM


Here are some rules to make it easy to use the "For Sale or Wanted" section

-Include if it is a for sale, wanted or vendor thread in the subject.
-You may abbreviate the subject eg "For Sale" = FS or "Wanted" = WTB i.e Wanted:Avenger Carburetor or WTB:Avenger Carburetor.
-If you are a vendor of Avenger parts you may make a thread telling us what kind of parts you sell.
-There is a thread called "Avenger parts on trademe" this is for items you have seen on trademe or similar being sold by non-members. If you are the selling parts you may make a new thread telling us about what you have for sale.

The goal of this section is to make it easy for us all to find those hard to find parts we need to finish our projects, We all know how frustrating it is to have to email and ring around looking for that part so hopefully this will make the process a little easier so we can all get our projects finished and on the road.

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