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Paddy75's 1300 Super Discussion

Started by avenga, August 22, 2011, 12:14:14 AM



Right? Very good. Not many sitcoms in Ireland. Its said the Brits have a more direct wit, the Irish meander too much for sitcoms and so-on. Here is a clip about a comedian called Pat Short taking the piss outta (Avenger driving) Gards (Irish police)

''..jayz now, ye can't do that..''
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paddy do you not remember the kilinascully episode with the avenger in it?

the boys were racing against the next village think they had an escort.


No I didn't see that episode, probabbly was abroad at the time, hauld on... youtube.. nah no joy! I'll try to utorrent. BTW i've added a few pictured nore of my yoke on photobucket, note the damp. Also I've an Avenger brocuure ''the '74 Avengers photographed in Brighton'' and a Chrysler '76 general brochure. I can send then to you or scan them if you want.
Abroad and thinkin' of avenger


Well, what did I say about BL parts? Went for a err.. refreshment on friday night, jumped into d'Avenger to the bar and after one jar (honest!) and rrrrr.rrrrrr..rrrrrrrr. Okay says I to myself, 1970's motoring.
Lid up, main HT lead out, rrrr - sparksparkspark. Okay the ignition is fine,next to the pretty worn out carbie, fuel smell, hand around it, 'click!' the metering tube had jammed and my paw-ing around in the dark I had free'd it up again, Avenger started.
So the SU's carbies days are numbered, bloody well knew anything from a Marina was not going to work. I took the SU off it the next day, done, kaput, the richness mixture I see was adjusted off the scale, that is the screw at its minimum ans still soaking with juice, so the innards of the metering needle and tube must be worn out.
When I removed a spark plug there was too rich fuel vapour coming out like steam! Dead carbie.

So, Ebay I found a Stromberg CD3 WITH the linkage for the Hillman Avenger throttle rod - hard to find, its bought. Okay its needled for a 1500cc but thats better than the leaking hose currently in it! Next on the agenda, a 1300cc (or 1250 would do) CD3 needle.

Happy motoring folks.
Abroad and thinkin' of avenger


Well! I put a bid on a Vanguards Corgi Hillman Avenger in Polar white. I won the auction, and it was the cheapest toy Avenger I could find on ebay I am intending to give it to my nephew as a Christmas present. So it arrived yesterday. Brand new in box etc.

''This is to certify that this is a limited edition and is No. 1975 of only 4,510.''

I'm not kidding! Spooky!
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Hey Paddy, thought I'd make your day...
Here's a comparison road test from 2005 between the Avenger 1300 and Marina 1300...guess which one won?!
Clue..."BL should have issued health warnings with every Marina sold to an unsuspecting member of the public."...LOL


Re: Stone chips on the sills.
A good set of mud flaps will stop that happening again Paddy...the all rubber ones like my Alpine has are best, as they bend with the curves in the wheel arches better than the two piece metal/rubber ones.


?? Where did my threads go? I guess the pictures must have been putting too much on your server.

Yeh mudflaps but the stones will get everywhere, I believe the way forward is mix paint with rubberseal and spray on the sills.

Thanks for the article, I don't understand what he means by the Avenger having heavy steering? Uh? He (the jurno) is a BL man so I can only guess that the Marinas steering was super light after giving the front trunnions a good greasing.
To be nice as I can to the Marina and I have thought long and hard about what a 'rina had over an Avenger.
Style, nope. Comfort, nope. Handeling, hahahahaha no! Reliability, nope. Interior errr sheesh the Marina1 dashboard!
The Marina was slightly better on fuel. That's it.

Okok I'll give the Marina one more merit. When we used to destroy old cars around the fields and forest tracks the Marina sorta 'flew' the best, trouble was once the Leyland Laggard hit the ground again....''...the best bits from the BMC/Leyland parts bin...''
Oh really, really? My arse!

Just one more thing ma'am...

Chrysler spent ?25mi developing the Avenger, included a factory complete re-fit and this resulted in a car that was generally liked, everywhere it was sold - ok the USA was a very different market.

BL spent ?40mi, yes 40 at the same time in history as Chrysler spent 25. ?40,000,000 to put a set of shoulder pads on a Minor, fiddle about with the Triumph gearbox and slightly beef up the Minors front suspension. Forty Million Pounds Sterling.
Jobs for the boys?
Oh yeh and see the way he said the Marinas gearchange was okay, even when they hadn't broken the selectors, look at the guy trying to engage reverse on the Ital 'skeleton in a dustbin' video in the jokes section.

Oh I just remember too much breakdowns on that 1.8 Coup? my Father had, its not just jumping on a piano dropping bandwagon. They were dung, but pair play to anyone looking after one I honestly hope people get a lot of pleasure with their Marinas.

I personally hate them but that's just how ones childhood leaves characteristics on a man.
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With a new coat of paint it looks presentable beside machines like this.

Abroad and thinkin' of avenger