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Paddy75's 1300 Super Discussion

Started by avenga, August 22, 2011, 12:14:14 AM


Mongrels are the best.

Avenger is noisy, the Ford CVH = Coarse Vibirationary & Harsh
henry called it sumtin different

You see a modern alloy headed engine that is with the 9 'box

all u have to do is align the engine mounts, and the ford cvh the exaust drops on the right side for an avenger.

the escort (1986 engine) 1.4 would pull an avenger no bother.

Aye, yer right some mongrel, btw sell me one of your NZ Avengers and send to me. $1k nz for a clean one? okay.
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Hey how did you know I'm an awful futter? Haha good lad. Aye a spare head to leave into the engineering shop to machine in hardened valve seats. Do you reckon that head was skimmed?

Really thinkin' about how a 1.4 cvh would work, 70-72bhp and 35-4-mpg. I need to find another, rough one. I'll look about for an old Talbot and take an angle grinder to the back bullshit caps, then ... Hillmanize a Chrysler/Talbot, yeh why not. Then drop a cvh & 9 g/box. Grand.
Abroad and thinkin' of avenger


Nah not skimmed, looks new, could just do with Tiger valves Paddy...lots of them on eBay too!!
Make sure it puts out more power than an Allegro when you're don't want to be overtaken by BL's finest...haha
That Allegro on Life on Mars was hard case...smoked like a chimney and didn't handle the cross country driving too well...probably lost all its Hydragas in the first few seconds?
First time I'd seen a Mk1 Allegro with that sexy Quartic steering wheel no less!!
We only got the Mk2 here, so many problems with the Mk1, we kept on selling the Austin 1300 as long as possible, up until 1975 no less...what a collectors item OMG!
Mind you, to be fair, at least that 1973 Mk1 Allegro in Life on Mars was authentic, not like the Cortina GXL which was actually a later model 2000E with GXL badges!
What were they thinking?..any Found On Rubbish Dump mechanic knows the E has a completely different dash and square headlights!!
Took the props buyer a long time to live that one down...haha


Well happily where I come from all the BL's have long gone to the breakers, well not even the breakers, to the scrap iron dealers. Its purely an english thing coddling an Allegro or the like. I haven't even seen a Metro for years now. The classics heading to Irl would be Fords, Hillmans and the odd Morris Minor or more rarely still an 1100.

I seen a late Allegro 'type 3' in the scrap yard about 4 years ago and it was in easy restorable condition, but I guess no intrest at all in it, as it was sitting/holding under a bigger car, that is it was so low priority that it was a soft landing for something else.

The 1100 was probabbly a more reliable car and ceartanly looked better!

Yeh the Life on Mars Cortina, I'd seen J.Clarkson slagging off the mistake with the badging to the actor Phillip Glennister. I've never seen a quartic steering wheel in the flesh, probabbly because it became such a joke that BL offered to replace the wheels with a round one.
How odd a scenario? Around about 1975 there must have neen a man looking at a skip load of quartic steering wheels!

Ach aye! Hydragas, I'd forgotton about that. ''Beware the leaning Leyland''

Hey! Those excuses for cars were so bad, they have become a legend, will people in 50 years time still! be slagging them off!??
I mean, the Ital was even WORSE than the Marina! Likewise the Allegro 3 (with the pointy-out back lights) also was even more rusty than the previous one!

Janey-Mac, but how did they just get absolutely EVERYTHING wrong!!!

Anyhow, another thing about the Avenger I noticed, the steering, beuatifull - I seen in the Haynes manual that the steering column is well bushed and has good hardy-spicers type joints in them, I thought to myself that the steering was great and smooth in the Avenger before I noticed that.

So, Ford - errr, the wide-boys liked them, the Sierra (if it was not made in england or spain and had the later cvh engines) was pretty good, likewise the later Escorts.
Okok 1970's fords, errr, they kinda had a macho-ish image. They were the business for doing doughnuts.

BL = null points

So that leaves the Rootes company. The least remembered of the '70's cars, and well remembered by those that owned them or sat in them, or indeed those who first grabbed a live sterring wheel in one.
Nice steering, good on fuel, better suspension.

You know what guys?
If we were able to buy/order a new Hillman from NZ, could you imagine how Life on Mars would have looked?

ATB folks, Go Easy on her.
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Hmmm 1600 TC, you are a-startin' them fashons now dear Kitty McGee! I seen a round leadlamp grill for
Abroad and thinkin' of avenger


I got my round headlamp grille for $1 of trademe (like the NZ version on Ebay)

I got the lights and buckets for $50

1975 Hillman Avenger 1300 Super, 1972 Chrysler Valiant Charger 770, 1980 Chrysler Avenger 1.3GL
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I didn't bid on it because she was looking for too much, I might offer her
Abroad and thinkin' of avenger


Damn I didn't win the clynderhead, thanks anyhow Oldschool.
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Never mind's another Avenger on eBay for you to drool over....

BTW it doesn't haven't a brake booster...does that mean it has drum brakes all round?


No, that has discs, boosters/servos were for fannys or women when the early Avengers were new - pity about the color of that one!
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Right, got a Tiger head, 1.55'' inlet valves, collets & caps, valve springs and a 1600cc Stromberg carbie.
This is damn well costing!
Do any of you guys know what the correct size of exause valve is for the Tiger/Ti head?

When I get home, that wee 1300cc engine is in for a suprize! I really need a TC inlet manifold,
ohh and errrr, I think the 'all-drum' brakes just might need upgrading! Hahaha.

What do you think, Tiger head/valves on a 1300 with a single CD3 1.6 tuned carb?

65-68 bhp, I'd reckon.
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I've found a speedo (handy to have a spare) and rev counter to suit the binnacle in me Avenger, happily the seller does't know what it is/for. Okay, and may that be the last part I buy!
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Hey folks go to 6:00 into this:

As for myself I'm back at home and getting a lot of stress over work, seems like a firm are trying to stroke me. Hey-ho. The Avenger seems okay, found the right fella to diff it up, 3.89:1.
Abroad and thinkin' of avenger