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Oldschool car cruise Kaikoura 27/08/11

Started by 1300super, August 09, 2011, 09:55:42 PM


"anyone keen to take there oldschool car to kiakoura to meet up with chch oldschool car owners on the 27th?"
Just spotted that on Would be nice if we could get some Avengers down there!


That would be cool. Pity I am in the North Island but I am coming down to the South Island in October so I will pop in and see you all.

It's a long drive from Auckland

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Yea be good to catch up. Hopefully Ill have my 1600 in by the end of the week so ill be able take my Avenger to Kaikoura.


no i cant attend cause thyre sending me out on hospital placement, as much as i would love to get out of working in waipukarau, its sort of compulsory
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