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Random's & pics you have 'borrowed'

Started by JoKer, January 14, 2011, 08:28:42 PM

vitamin c avenger

Got those indicator lenses off an early chrysler 180 through ebay France for $50 was a bit of a mission with the launguage barrier, also have plymouth cricket rear tail light lenses nos from ebay USA


nice! (have looked at cricket lenses before thinking they'd be neat here too LOL)

Caught up with Dave in his Aqua 2 door today



jeez where is that one hiding looks lovely.
i had a set of brand new cricket lenses in ireland i got from rick nossa in new york he has two crickets they are going on a nice two door build in ireland now.


Hah yeah I was thinking one Dave was enough! LOL

he is / was on these forums for a bit &used to have another shell that I think I know where it went (another member here

was thinking about a 2 door thread but I think we know where they all are & due to the value of them perhaps best not be tooooo specific

I have 3 north of Taupo (including the 1x went to scrap / cut up) 2x South between Taupo  Wellington and the Blue one in the South Island (race car)

there may be another (pure speculation) and not not counting the Cha-venger (welded up 2 door)


This popped up in a Facebook group for old UK cars : and yeah there were a few "Escort" claims....


Ever seen an Avenger Bodied Stock Car?

Like a propper Stockcar

now you have :P

fyi I post more "Finds" on my IG (no app required you can view on PC with this link too


From my Insta :

Source credited

Might just be the one time Liking the "Chrysler" front is ok in my Books :P


Found in a 1975 Car mag from the UK

No MOT since 1987 :/


This one, some might call me out for labeling it as such : but the Elite Avenger :



Ahh stink IG broken (for now) <3

I seen this one this week :

hot linked from FB so let me know it it disappears hah

Source :

and no sorry there no more details


It's no secret I'm a fan of this car from Argentina

Source :

It's almost as Cool as Hamish's :P