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Hamilton Auto Show

Started by avenga, May 16, 2011, 06:47:58 PM


Hi Guys. On Sunday I met up some of my Muscle car buddies and cruised down to Hamilton to check out the Auto Show they had down there.

Weather forecast was for horrible weather with thunder storms etc so I figured I would take the Charger this time.

I got out to West Auckland a bit early and it was a nice moring so I took a couple of pictures of my Charger while I waited to the others to turn up.

We only got one or two showers on the way down and the show was inside so we got to shelter from the heavy rain which passed over.

It was a really good turnout with a good selection of cars, from muscle to rotary.

Later in the day the mystery buyer of the Avenger GLS mentioned in other posts popped in with his new Avenger he just brought.

Anyways enough of my ranting, here are the photos.

1975 Hillman Avenger 1300 Super, 1972 Chrysler Valiant Charger 770, 1980 Chrysler Avenger 1.3GL
RPM Photography