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Wheels Inc Walkworth cruise

Started by avenga, April 20, 2011, 12:11:39 AM


Hi Guys, On sunday I joined in on the Wheels Inc cruise up to Walkworth in my Charger. It was a really good day out. We started out at Riverhead before cruising up to Puhoi pub for some lunch before heading out to a interesting barn.

Here are the photos. I am starting to get used to driving my new camera. It is a big learning curve and some come out better and some come out worse but I have soo much more control to take better shots and when they come out wrong it is my fault for selecting the wrong options. Heaps more fun using this camera because it doesn't do everything for you like my last. I still took some with my old camera, they are down the bottom.

Old camera

1975 Hillman Avenger 1300 Super, 1972 Chrysler Valiant Charger 770, 1980 Chrysler Avenger 1.3GL
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