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NZ and potentially the WORLDS Oldest Avenger FS by a Member

Started by JoKer, April 28, 2024, 08:01:59 AM


George has this Brown Beauty FS in Invergiggle on FB Marketplace

id tag =

and yes, here's the UK Oldest known and their owner comments

QuoteMe : any secret info contained within the Magic Numbers here?

Michael : not that I am aware, those chassis plates are different to ours. Archives are kept at the Coventry car museum, might be worth dropping them an email, see if they can give you a build date etc

the mystery continues

We've had at least 3x 1970 Owners on the fourms via the results of the "What year is your Avenger Poll" here :

And the Avenger Census 2019 (NZTA online records) put it as 1 of 2 still 'in the system'


Our NZTA data still shows "Just" 2x '1970's in the System

interesting to note the 'VIN" matches this car and Location Data of the second one too

and I recall Posting the '1st Registered Avenger' to my IG

QuoteSource :

Local assembly of the Avenger duly commenced in July 1970, initially of a single 1.5-litre four-door, named the Avenger Super. The first examples generally seen by the public were two press vehicles of Todd Motors, carrying the registration number plates FK9032 (below) and FK9034 respectively, appearing in print advertising, followed by examples encountered in shopping displays and dealership showrooms.

and via carjam_nz evidence is made it to at least 1997