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FS : 4x Motor's Whana-Vegas

Started by JoKer, January 12, 2023, 07:14:45 PM


Listing on Behalf Having just Caught up with Mr A. in Whanganui

1x is said to be a "Built" Race Engine
1x Industrialised (I've seen it running on its stand) has a story behind it, and was used at constant RPM's etc
and the other 2x i guess are simply Stock as removed from wrecks

I am assuming ALL are 1600's

no reason to think otherwise (only the BEST Parts kept in this collection

Sorry I do not know the asking price : just base it on the above statement

possibly other extras, bits and bobs:  such as a Mentioned Brand New Crown Wheel and Pinion (NOS = New Old Stock)

only posted here not listed elsewhere for now

PM me for contact's as they are not for Public Internet consumption <3

(these listings are google searchable etc)

and that can be a good thing sometimes to connect the community & other times not so good in the wrong hands


FYI I mentioned these to a Known Enthusiast and he replied with the desire for "H7 LB" Blocks over 'complete' motors (for rebuild into 100+ Hp's "Monsters" via his builder in the Lower North Island

might be secret in there not widely know but I will happily assist with this addiction if that's what I have & perhaps replace with these etc

(a Forum search has only 2x results for H7 : one alludes to NZ new and the other isn't much use other than mentioning GL 1500 / GL Shell source etc)

unless its a Basic All LB's were H7 too?

Greetings, do any of the blocks have France moulded in to the block, they are from Post 1980, Series 7-8 Chrysler Avenger large headlight linear tail lights models.

Craig Pidgeon 8-)


I'll flick hm a pm for ya & see what comes back : cheers Jared