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Started by JoKer, December 30, 2021, 09:34:08 AM


We all know about the Brazil 1800

but the 1700 kit is apparently a thing in the UK

(either I a m just learning about it or I knew and had forgotten over the years)

reference is a Post on a FB Group about a 1700 Head with common water gallery Cracks

they go on to mention the Kit is / was available to stoke it out

and here's the ebay Listing I found (cached and no longer exists BUT with some nice info

QuoteHi for sale 1x 1700 fast road engine this is not the stroker kit it is the old school way we have used a late type block which has been bored to 90mm then chemically cleaned pressure tested then decked to give 10.5.1 compression new core plugs and painted blue .  We have used Ford Taunus flat top pistons modified to fit the conrods the whole bottom end has been lightened and balanced new bearings and new conrod bolts it has a gt/ti camshaft with matching cam followers nos duplex kit and a very good timing cover uprated oil pump new gaskets will be supplied .the cylinder head we have been told is a swaymar head this has been completely rebuilt new guides new double valve springs the valves are 1.7 inlet and 1.44 exhaust the inlet are stainless this will be a quick engine with plenty of torque . It does not come with flywheel/clutch or water pump and pulleys if you know engines you will know engine work does not come cheap and all the engineering  work was carried out by a well known engine shop in Coventry

as mentioned the links are dead but preserved there (and now here) for as long as the internet exists

I'm still keen to learn about the 'other '1700' crank / kits etc if anyone has more info (I should probably check ASOC lol



Pretty late to the party here i know,

I'm running the 1700 in my car.
well, that's an overstatement as its not in the car running or close to it yet.

was a kit from ebay, think it was Peugeot pistons and rods from memory, did a bit of digging around to try figure out what they used. i believe the cranks were custom made and not sourced from another engine.

was greenwood autos from memory doing the kits, they also offered recast alloy heads. but my budget didnt allow for that at the time.

hopefully i can get it back together on the road someday soon.
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