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Avenger 3D Print Files and Models

Started by JoKer, December 22, 2020, 10:29:31 AM


Seasons Tiding to your all

I'm a bit late to the 3D printer game but have just started searching for things to print and Practice on before I start to try & model some stuff

Before we go further please consider the Authors and Designers of some prints & they are not for Public sharing (without permission)

as this is a Public and Google'd forum this topic is viewable to un-logged in viewers too

any way here we go!

Dodge 1500 Model (He's asking $40) :

Dodge 'Polara' :

Rostyle :

SU :

Engine :

If you've drawn something OR have something on file lets keep Out Avengers on the road by "Sharing" our resources via this community

and when I get good I may look at selling some of my prints too


bonus for those not technical here's a A4 Printed model you can 'make' fairly easy (Link to actual image is dead though sorry)



So this popped up in a facebook group I am now in

yep that's an Avenger Body for a Slit Car that appears to be 3DP

i asked about it and got an reply here :

so yeah short story : available but not sure if I wanna order just 1x etc @ current exchange rate of around $75 NZ


Just found this one :

Dodge 1800 SE

edit : ok not a STL nor 3d but a Render

also LOL 2 years to the day I started this thread lol


While we wait for the Rally Car files to be harvested

This File was posted recently :

or just under $4 I think I can afford that <3

not flash but looks to be scanned off a Full Size car

file/s is 15.5mb in 4x Folders

& yep, is "rough" and yeah comes with "Interior and Axels"