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WTB Avenger alpine 1600cc engine

Started by OlliePee, August 31, 2020, 09:10:10 PM


I've recently bought a 1976 avenger alpine, but it has had a 1.3 put in it at some point. I'm wanting to restore it to its former glory of a 1.6. I am located in invercargill, so something nearby would be better suited, but all help is appreciated. Cheers


Congrats on buying the Avenger. I have been watching it on Trademe for a while.

Try this auction here. He is selling Avenger parts and he is down in Dunedin, he might have a 1.6 engine.

I have some friends down in Invercargil with Avengers, I will ask them if they know of any engines down that way.

I was down in Invercargill earlier in the year in my V8 Avenger wagon, I have driven my 75 Avenger down there also (I am based in Auckland so it's a bit of a drive)

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well done great buying it looks like the previous owner has done a lot of work to it.i have some 1600 blocks but all would need full rebuilds if you cant find one closer.


How did you get on? (sorry late to the Party)

Our friend in Wanganui has about 5x in Storage in various states

Would you like his contact?

I have no clue on what he's asking for Each of them but know they are "good spares"