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Oil leaks lol

Started by vitamin c avenger, February 17, 2020, 07:31:35 AM

vitamin c avenger

Hi all I have recently installed a new head gasket on my 1600 motor and it has recently started to weep quite a bit of oil mainly on the push rod side. All the faces were mint and I retourqed head in weekend and it made no difference. I will prob have to take head off and replace gasket was just wondering if there was any tips or tricks to make it not do it again. Ive done about 500miles and it getting worse. Cheers


re tourqing is a thing

and it's not from the cork rocker gasket?

is the head flat also? / ie not got hot & warped?

vitamin c avenger

Mite have to take head back off and get it checked eh


there's also the order number to tighten up the bolts in a star pattern to avoid this sort of thing too?

please note this is the WRONG HEAD picture but you get the idea (from centre out)


hi there did u run a tap in the bolt holes on the block buff up the bolts oil and then wipe them off before u install cheers ron