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FS : Hillman Avenger clutch cable

Started by Ron151, January 13, 2020, 03:21:35 PM


hi there i have a hillman avenger clutch f/s $20 cheers ron 151

Avenged Hunter


4 years late, this wouldn't happen to be available would it? If not any idea where I can find one?

Cheers, James


Ron had a "HUGE" Cleanout & moved house since then so very unlikely sorry

it's been a while since I 'shopped' : you could try Avenger Parts "Graeme Ekins" in Palmy?

His contact was on here somewhere.. (I'll look now too)

But  I "think" you can still get them new?

at least I hope so & yeah sorry don't think they will be that cheap either

and if anyone has a Part # or Link please post it up!


was the 'First best' result <3

and for Clutches :

and I hear Speedy Spares in the UK are SHUTTING Down so that may affect parts availability Worldwide in a few years too :/



I got a handful of Cables from Ron Now I think about it!

I'll roll past the lockup over weekend txt of FB me 021 133 4158 Jared