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anyone in hastings able to store an avenger

Started by avengertiger, August 29, 2019, 06:05:07 PM


long shot thought id ask have been given an avenger in hastings but needs to be gone within the next two weeks i am in nelson and may not make it up in time looking for someone to collect and keep for maybe another week or two,as far as i know its a runner but not turn key needs battery and external fuel supply to go.
long shot i know but you gotta ask cheers


Billy is more Wellington these days  not sure if Kiera is on here much

that's the two HB members i can think of off hand (Azza 'gone') if you get stuck I could potentially hitch up the trailer & wander up & bring it Back to Dvk? (hour'ish each way)

maybe try on there are a few GC's about


cheers jarred will ask on old school just in case
i may be able to get up next weekend waiting to find out


I have friends in Hastings I could ask if you still need

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thanks richard we have a customer in hastings who has a farm i will ring him tomorrow to see if he can help me out i will let you all know how i get on as i haven't even seen the car yet but have been told its a good car and too good to scrap which is what will happen if i don't get it