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Rear Wheel Brake Cylinder

Started by biltong_nz, August 24, 2018, 08:01:50 PM


Hey everyone!!

Winter is coming to an end so that means the Avenger comes out of storage and attempts to be road legal again.

My latest quarrel is with one of the rear brake cylinders (rear left). Decided to start leaking brake fluid everywhere last time I took the Avenger out.

Discovered 1mm tear in rubber seal - see crude representation below of location I mean

Anyway, I'm back in Hawke's Bay from tomorrow for the next two weeks which means I have plenty of free time to work on all the issues, however need advice as to what parts to get. Are we talking just new seals for the cylinder, or a complete new cylinder itself?

I don't have any workshop manual on me at current so don't really know the workings of a wheel cylinder, but I'm leaning towards a new seal kit?

Thanks in advance all
1974 Hillman Avenger 1600 Super


stink! I'd be throwing a new [complete] cylinder on it, but yeah I prefer new parts over trying to fix parts of old parts


I had one leak everywhere and lost alot of my break fluid going up Te Mata peak just last week but with mine it was just full of gunk ect and has been working pretty well after a thorough clean but the inner seals on mine were still good so if it's torn there's probably not much you can do except replace it


fyi someone asking about these & I found this eBay Listing :

Girling Brake Wheel Cylinder OE/OEM Part Number 75062078


I just got a set for my orange wagon from Graeme.

He stocks most parts like that

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