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5 Speed options?

Started by JoKer, November 06, 2017, 09:50:09 AM


food for thought : Whilst researching the BRM Development I came across this snippet

QuoteChrysler themselves used a DTV bellhousing to connect up the ZF 5-speed gearbox with the standard road engine in a red Avenger, TAC 691R. This car was immaculately presented for the road and O?Dell used it for many thousands of miles

take your time, re read that again

so that means there as another 'option' even if it is as obscure as finding an Auto Bell housing (Plan A : and Plan A is always the best)

now we have a Plan B

DTV is of course Vauxhall

QuoteThe key thing to remember about Vauxhall?s Chevette HS is that it?s not a Firenza HP. It might sound like a silly thing to say, but the parallels are many and varied. All of the familiar ingredients which make the droop-snoot coup? so special are also present and correct in this limited-run Shove-it: the 2,279cc slant-four twin-cam motor, the feisty and endlessly playful rear-wheel drive chassis, clickety-clack dogleg gearbox

QuoteThose with very sharp eyes will note that the 76.2 mm. stroke is the same as is used in a 2.3-litre Vauxhall (such as the Chevette HS2300). This would mean that an item like a DTV steel crankshaft could be modified to fit this engine. Remember that the rallying Chevette used a Lotus-headed version of the Vauxhall iron-block slant engine and that, in the past, engine engineering experiments between Lotus and Vauxhall were routine and you begin to see that quite a lot was already known about the Lotus engine in sporting use.

(there's a lot going on there in that Page)

I'm not sure what Bell or if more mods were required, just logging this here for future investigation / potential

I'm also struggling with a quick Google Image search of the "Box" or layout of the housing etc

QuoteMar 05, 2015#1
Hi All , Just thought i'd put this up here first before putting it online.
FOR SALE , Chevette HS Getrag ( 265 ? ) Direct drive 5th , 5 Speed gearbox  , has rear flange not splined , Comes with Alloy Bellhousing to fit any slant four , and Gearstick .
Came out of a car converted for rallying about ten years ago , unknown milage .
I bought it to fit in my Viva but never got around to it .
Offers or advise what it's worth!
Pick up from Devon ,

de-coding all I've pasted here a Slant-4 appears to have a similar Bellhousing? (Pic above seems to have a 12 o'clock bolt that would be superfluos, anf the "10 & 2" (or "11 and 1") O'clock bolts seem about right by eye-crometer eh?


Scratch that : turns out the car was Lotus Powered anyway, got excited over "nothing" And I should read more of the Article vs "man looking" and skimming it


Learnign to love 4 Speeds here

Learnt a wee tidbit of info from Miles on the weekend

Early Gearboxes are better ratios (lower / better acceleration) and identifiable by the casting, later received extra bracing underneath

Early did not, etc


i often heard early hillman gearboxes being refered to as close ratio boxes in the uk,purely because the later chrysler ones had taller gearing.These i dont think are to be confused with the PTS (peugeot,talbot sport) gear ratios offered by the comps dept for rallying and were often sccr straight cut close ratio although only two off the four gears are straight cut.these are pretty sought after these days getting prices like 1500 for  a gear box but are not very hccr rules in uk it is accepted you can run the 4 speed ford gearbox which are available with quaife gearkits in the sccr format,it is also possible to run the type 9 5 speed as we know also available with quaife clubman gearkits which varied to suit application so many options