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How to post photos on the forum

Started by avenga, January 13, 2011, 05:07:48 PM


There are 2 methods of posting photos on this forum.

The first method uploading and sharing photos on photobucket. This is the preferred method.

The second method is to upload the photos directly to the forum.

Method 1

This a step by step guide on uploading photos on Photobucket.

Once you signed up to photobucket at and logged in you will be able to upload photos.

when you log in you will see an "upload images & video" button

after you click on that it will come up with a window for you to select the photos you want to upload. find the photo you want to upload and click it, you can hold the control key to select more than one photo. once you have selected the photos you want to upload click the "open" button

you will then see a progress window telling you how far you are through the upload

Once that has completed it will ask you if you want to move the photos to different albums, this is optional. it is like folders on you computer to make it easier to find photos. you can create a new album or just save them to your main album. I.E I have saved these in a album called Kumeu because they are from Kumeu car show. when you are done click "Save & get links"

for each photo click in the box next to "IMG code" right click on the highlighted text and click copy.

Go back to the Avenger forum and right click on the reply windows and click paste. make sure you leave a space before and after the photo.

To post more photos go back to photo bucket and copy the next photos "IMG code" and paste it in. I find it works best if you leave a line between each photo (by pressing enter twice) and limiting it to about 20 photos per post.

you can use the "Preview" button to make sure you are happy with it then click "Post" as normal and your done.

when uploading photos depending on your camera you may need to resize your photos. 1024x768 or 800x600 is a good size to use on the forum. Microsoft makes a free addon which works really well. they have a step by step guide on how to resize photos here it is really easy to use. once installed you can just right click on photos and there is a resize option there.

The Microsoft version only works on Windows XP but there is another version that works with windows2000, Vista and windows 7. I use it on my windows 7 computer and it works great. it works identically to the Microsoft version so you can follow the microsoft step by step guide. you can download it from

Method 2

This is a step by step guide to uploading a photo to the forum

Click on "Reply" or "Start new topic"

In the main message window click on the plus symbol next to "Advanced options"

Click on the browse button and find the photo you want to upload.

If you want to upload more than one photo click on the "More attachments" link next to the browse button.

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