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Started by Avengaholic, July 26, 2014, 12:13:33 PM


I was wondering if anyone knew how interchangeable radiators are from different years/models. The radiator is stuffed on my 79 Chrysler, bought a second hand one in reasonable condition but have noticed a few differences on the replacement unit. It has no expansion tube (not sure if this the correct term) on the top of radiator and has no electrical connection  at the bottom. I'm unsure if this will cause problems anyone have any ideas?


You've got a Hillman radiator...not interchangeable with a Chrysler as they have different top and bottom tanks. A radiator repairer can swap the tanks over and you'll be good to go!


thanks for that. yet again I've been sold Hillman parts instead of chrysler and no radiator repairers are open. Oh well at least i can walk to get new thermostat.


Had another thought. is the reason they are not interchangeable due to the fact the chrysler runs an elecrtic fan? If so would it be possible to use the older radiator by removing the electric fan and fitting a fan blade to the water pump pulley? Just trying to see if there is easier/cheaper option than getting my rad reconditioned.

1981 Avenger

Im using a Hillman radiator in my Chrysler with a electric fan hooked up and it still works fine


Where is your fan hooked up to? Mine has a connection to the radiator which i presume regulates when the fan will engage its also different to yours. Would a permanent connection cause any issues?


you can run a fan switch in your top house i believe you can get one from kenlowe.i have used one before when putting an electric fan on an anglia,it worked good for a while well maybe a year and started to give trouble,i just replaced it and all was good again,no idea how long next one would last i sold car not long after.
its just a tube with a sensor on a thermo switch you can adjust to suit what temp or when you want fan to cut in.
I'm sure they are available in nz somewhere.


The high temperature of the top hose may have killed the switch after a while. The factory switch is in the bottom tank, so putting an after market one in the bottom hose would make it more reliable I guess.


Went & met this guy yesterday

(what are the chance of another 'Jarod' with a 76 Avenger nearby)

anyway I noted he had a Nissan Pulsar radiator in it and thought that was pretty cool

wasnt quite mounted up but plumbed in fine & looked like it would work great

like one of those : not exactly a direct bolt in but it fitted if you catch my drift

from a N14 / N15 shape i believe

Nissan Pulsar N15 1995 to 1999 or
Nissan Sentra N15/ B14 1994 to 1998
Nissan Presea R11 1995 to 1999